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  • Jeff Moss - 'I dunno whether they know I played cricket': Moss was a Melbourne cricketer from age 11, a record... http://t.co/QJMD4SxCSu
  • @MildlyBitter @noplain I don't think it would be a problem like EdFringe, Melbourne is a much bigger city.
  • @WlLLIAMKAPLANS l Ol same come here to melbourne callie
  • Tonight we're exploring @TheTableLamp. Check back later this week on http://t.co/Xl3h2IkKCK for our take on the menu. #melbourne #invite
  • New Years

  • All the single ladies need to check out Groupon right now for New Years
  • So I made a long in depth list of New Years resolutions and like not to sound basic but uh I'm hoping that 2015 is my year of awesomeness.
  • Really want to post in SF for New Years
    Hoey Hoey O
    5 minutes ago
  • I'm going to Arizona Saturday and spending New Years there. Let's see how that plays out
  • Canada

  • Prostitution isn't and has never been illegal in Canada.
  • Shawn Lynch, @moneylynch is now trending in Canada http://t.co/oLlm56tSQi
  • On my train I met a family whose last name is Canada :O
  • I'm thinking bout moving to Canada.
    Manny Manny
    5 minutes ago
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